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2022-2023 BOC Meetings

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Athens Country Club
North Terrace Room
2700 Jefferson Road, Athens
10:30 a.m.


Meeting Called to Order




Public Comments


Approval of Agenda


Approval of  May Minutes
Approval of June Called Meeting Minutes


Shout Outs


Safety Discussion with David Shanks- Homeland Security Coordinator, GEMA


Old Business - Action Item

Approval of FY23 NEGA RESA and Rutland Budget

     FY23 Budget Summary with System Costs
    FY23 NEGA RESA Complete Budget Book


New Business – Action Item
GSBA FY23 Workers’ Compensation Invoice

Request to Reschedule November BOC to November 29, 2022


Personnel  – Action Items


Dr. Jason Byars, Director of School Climate - 8/1/2022 (49%)

Pamela Hillstrom, Shared Services, VIT - 7/25/2022 (49%)
Sherri Mills, Shared Services, Educational Interpreter - 7/22/2022

Traci Pruett, Shared Services, PT - 7/25/2022

Jean Triplett, Director of Leadership Development - 8/1/2022 (49%)



James Eric Hayes, Paraprofessional - 7/27/2022
Dy’Nazha Hughes, Social Worker - 7/27/2022
Regina Witkoski, Paraprofessional - 7/27/2022


Raneisha Gartrell, Intake Specialist - Resignation, 7/18/2022
Carla Jackson, Paraprofessional - Resignation, 5/23/2022
Will Ward, Middle School Teacher - Resignation, 6/27/2022

Post Secondary Updates

Athens Tech, Dr. Andrea Daniel

University of Georgia, Dr. Denise Spangler
University of North Georgia, Dr. Gary Adcox

Piedmont University, Dr. Mike Moody


Director’s Report - Informational Items

Feedback for Executive Director FY23 Performance Goals

GNETS Update

Leader Academy Update

System Visits June - August

COVID Updates - District Discussions 

BOC Topics of Interest for FY23 Meetings

May Financial Report

Northeast Georgia RESA Professional Learning at a Glance

May Cooperative Purchasing Reports



GYSTC Luncheon and Board Meeting


Upcoming Events
BOC Meeting - Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 9:00 at Northeast Georgia RESA

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