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NEGA RESA Fundations Collaborative for Leaders


Facilitator:  Amy Trawick, K12 ELA Director



To allow principals, assistant principals and ELA coaches to meet together to share ideas and find solutions for areas of concern implementing Fundations.

Target Audience: Principals, Assist. Principals, ELA Coaches


Meetings will be held:

Sept. 26, 2023 9-1 (in person)

Lunch and Learn (Sponsored by Great Minds Lucy Long)

  • How to effectively use decodable readers to support Fundations

  • View and provide feedback from Fundations lesson

  • Test Trackers purpose and use


Dec. 12, 2023 11-1 (virtual)

Topic to be determined: possibly new Foundational Standards 


March 5, 2024 9-12 (in person)

Brunch and Learn

  • New Foundational Standards (if not done in Dec)

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