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NEGA RESA Fundations Collaborative Group


Facilitator:  Amy Trawick, K12 ELA Director



To allow coaches and administrators to meet together to share ideas and find solutions for areas of concern implementing Fundations.


Meetings will be held:

August 31, 2022 12-1:30 (virtual)

Topic: Getting off to a good start

  • Observation walk through form

  • Non negotiables in lesson and classroom set up


October 21, 2022 (in person NE GA RESA Boardroom) 

12-2 (lunch and learn: lunch will be provided :)

Virtual option will be offered, as well

Topic: Double dosing: who needs it?

  • Identifying double dose students and forming groups

  • How is intervention lesson different from tier 1 lesson


December 12, 2022 12-1:30 (virtual)

Topic: Where do we go from here?

Discussion will be based on identified areas of need

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