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K-5 Mathematics


Build Teacher Clarity – Understanding Georgia Standards for Excellence, and Learning Progression

Equip teachers with NCTM’s Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices to design learning experiences where students can develop & use Standards for Mathematics Practices

Support schools and teachers in their purposeful implementation of high-impact instructional strategies and practices.



*All courses are currently in progress or completed for this school year. New registrations will open in late spring.



* All workshops and webinars are either in progress or completed for this school year. Feel free to email to schedule district/school level support.

  • Number Talks and Beyond

  • Georgia Numeracy Project Virtual Training

  • Making Sense of Digital Learning

  • Effective Teaching Practices for School Leaders


Special Projects

  • Instructional Continuum Planning and Assessments


Web Resources


Seyoung Holte, Director
(706)742-8292 ext. 266

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