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2021-2022 BOC Meetings

July 27, 2021

(Athens Country Club, North Terrace Room)


Meeting Called to Order




Public Comments


Approval of Agenda


Approval of  May Minutes

Approval of Called BOC May 28 Minutes

Approval of Called BOC June 29 Minutes


Shout Outs
2021 GADOE Reward Schools






Dr. Goggans, DPH


Old Business
Approval of FY22 NEGA RESA and Rutland Budget


New Business – Action Items
FY22 BOC Meeting Dates
Executive Director FY22 Performance Goals
Proposed BOARD POLICY Teacher Evaluation Appeals, Descriptor Code: GBIA
Proposed BOARD POLICY Leaves and Absences, Descriptor Code: GARH – (Updated: Maternity Leave & new Paid Parental Leave)
Proposed NEGA RESA Facilities. Descriptor Code: KG

Personnel  – Action Items
Margaret Bergman, Shared Services, TVI – 7/30/2021
Saron Daniel, Shared Services, OT – 7/30/2021
Angela Held, Shared Services, PT-80% – 7/30/2021
Pamela Hillstrom, Shared Services, TVI – 7/30/2021
Blakelyn Larkin, Shared Services, Paraprofessional – 8/3/2021
Courtney Modesitt, Shared Services, OT – 7/30/2021
Haile Nelson, Shared Services, DHHT, pending background/fingerprinting- 7/30/2021
Ryleigh Palmer, Shared Services, Paraprofessional – 7/30/2021


Darcy Carter, Elementary School Teacher – 7/26/2021
Robert Jacobs, Middle School Social Studies Teacher – 7/26 2021
Lisa Phillips, Middle School Paraprofessional – 7/26/2021
Katherine Vickery, High School Paraprofessional – 7/26/2021
Will Ward, Middle School Science Teacher – 7/26/2021
Wendy Osborne, Paraprofessional – Resignation, 7/25/2021


Post Secondary Updates
Athens Tech, Dr. Andrea Daniel
University of Georgia, Dr. Paige Tompkins
University of North Georgia, Dr. Cyndee Moore
Piedmont University, Dr. Mike Moody


Director’s Report – Informational Items
SB59 (EIP) Discussion
FY22 RESA/Rutland Fiscal Agent Assurance to the DOE
K-8 Virtual Program
BOC Topics of interest for FY22
Leader Academy Update
May Financial Report
Northeast Georgia RESA Professional Learning at a Glance
May Cooperative Purchasing Reports
June Cooperative Purchasing Reports

Upcoming BOC Meeting Agenda Topics

Executive Session To discuss personnel




Upcoming Events
BOC Meeting – Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 9:00 at Northeast Georgia RESA

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