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2020-2021 BOC Meetings

July 28, 2020

Meeting Called to Order




Approval of Agenda


Approval of June Minutes


System Shout-Outs

Official welcome to Jon Jarvis, Donna McMullan and Virgil Cole
FY21 NEGA RESA BOC Chair, Beverley Levine


Dr. Goggans, DPH
Olivia Echols, DPH

Old Business

New Business – Action Items
August 2020 Spending Resolution
FY21 RESA and Rutland Budget


Personnel  – Action Items

Post Secondary Updates
Athens Tech, Dr. Andrea Daniel
University of Georgia, Dr. Paige Tompkins
University of North Georgia, Dr. Cyndee Moore
Piedmont College, Dr. R.D. Nordgren


Director’s Report – Informational Items
Questions and Comments for Dr. Toomey
NEGA RESA/Rutland budget update
Round 2 GEMA supplies – handout
Paraprofessional training modules
COVID supplies needed at Rutland Academy
Rutland Academy Opening Options discussion
Shared Services modular building update
BOC Topics of interest for FY21 meetings
Leader Academy/Teacher Leader Updates
Northeast Georgia RESA Professional Learning at a Glance
Cooperative Purchasing Reports

Upcoming BOC Meeting Agenda Topics




Upcoming Events
GYSTC Board lunch, sponsored by Athens Janitor and Supply
GYSTC Board meeting immediately following lunch
August Board of Control meeting, August 25, 2020, NEGA RESA

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