Teaching American History–

The following are GPS activities and units developed by teachers for use in US History and AP US History:

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AP US Unit: 1800-1815
 War of 1812

AP US Unit: Progressive Era and World War I

Don’t Forget the Ladies (1800-1815)

Civil Rights: A Study in Contrasts

Civil Rights: Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution

Birth of a Constitution

Analysis of Three Founding Documents
o Constitution in Context

Civil Rights and the Law
o Content Map
o Civil Rights Movement Notes 1
o Civil Rights Movement Notes 2
o A Time for Justice Questions
o Student Form o Voting Rights Timeline Organizer
o The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint
o Letter from Birmingham Jail Questions
o Georgia DOE Released Test Items on Civil Rights
o Culminating Writing Activity
o Constructed Response Rubric
o Bibliography

Women in American History