Teaching American History–

The following are GPS activities and units developed by teachers for use in 8th grade social studies:

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Georgia and World War I

Jim Crow Unit Plan
 Activities

Civil Rights Through Their Eyes
o Folder Activity Resources –Primary and Secondary Documents
o Group Checklist

Freedom Doesn’t Come Easy – American Revolution
Lesson One: French and Indian War and the Proclamation of 1763
o Cloze Activity
o KWL for French and Indian War
o Word Splash
o KWL for Proclamation

Lesson Two: Causes of the American Revolution – A Deeper Look
o Alternative View of the Boston Massacre
o Photo of Boston Massacre Monument
o Boston Massacre Info
o Picture1
o Picture2

Lesson Three: Declaration of Independence
o Common Sense PowerPoint
o Declaration of Independence
o Analysis of Declaration of Independence

Lesson Four: Patriots
o Patriots of the Revolution PowerPoint
o Patriots Analysis Worksheet

Lesson Five: Loyalists
o Loyalists PowerPoint

Lesson Six: Battle of Kettle Creek and Siege of Savannah
o Battle of Kettle Creek KWL
o Siege of Savannah KWL
o Battles Word Splash
o Battles Quiz
o Battles PowerPoint will be hyperlinked

Performance Task
o Student Handout
o Rubric