Teaching American History–

The following are GPS activities and units developed by teachers for use in 3rd-5th grade social studies:

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ELEMENTARY Units Available:

The American Revolution
 Causes of the American Revolution
 Battles of the American Revolution
 Complaints
 Can One War Lead to Another PowerPoint

Paul Revere
 Day One Script
 Revere Picture (10)
 Patriot vs. Loyalist (3)
 Summative Assessment (5)
 Performance Assessment Directions (6)
 Performance Assessment Rubric (7)
 Paul Revere Editorial (8)
 Optional Title (9)
 Performance Task Example (11)
 Resource List
Colonial Currency (3rd Grade)
Ben Franklin and Light (Integrated 4th Grade Unit) – History and Inventions
 Franklin Statue
 Colonial Dress PowerPoint
 Independence Hall PowerPoint
 Prism Paths

Challenges of the New Nation
 Constitution Assignment
 Articles of Confederation PowerPoint
 Constitution for Kids PowerPoint
 Statements for Venn Diagram
 Constitution Graphic Organizer
 Constitution Test
 Primary Source Images and Photo Story to be hyperlinked

Citizenship Unit – 5th Grade
 Bill of Rights Flip Book Directions
 Flip Book Rubric

Immigration Unit – Madison

Who Were the Tired, the Poor, the Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free?

Civil Rights and the Economics of Sit-ins and Boycotts (“Sitting Down to Stand Up”)

Suffrage Unit
 SmartBoard attachments and videos will be hyperlinked
 Letters Between Abigail and John Adams
 Suffrage Political Cartoon
 Suffrage March Picture
 Suffrage Song
 Resource List
 American Hero Graphic Organizer
 Suffrage Timeline Events
 Suffrage Assessment
 Suffragists Stick With It Performance Task
 Performance Task Rubric
 Performance Task Rubric 4th Grade

Immigration Unit – Barrow
 Ellis Island Anticipation Guide
 American Immigrants PowerPoint
 Immigration Graph
 Melting Pot Readers Theater
 Photographs will be hyperlinked

Reconstruction Unit
 Teacher Notes
 Student Notes
 Prezi Task
 Group WebQuest
 Technology Component
 Review Activity
 Newscast Rubric
 Poster Rubric
 Digital Storytelling Rubric

Chasing the Spirit of Service with the Tuskegee Airmen

Thurgood Marshall Unit Plans
 Additional Resources
Tuskegee Airman Unit for 5th Grade Gifted
 Tuskegee Airman Power Point
 Jim Crow Laws Power Point
 Rubric for Tic-Tac-Toe