About Shared Services

The RESA Shared Services was created to assist the thirteen local school systems by providing specialized personnel to serve students with disabilities. The program began in 1974 with three service providers and has grown to include more than 50 providers of the following related and low incidence services:

Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Occupational Therapy
Orientation & Mobility Services
Physical Therapy
Visually Impaired 

In addition, RESA Shared Services manages a Regional Program for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students. Services in this program include highly qualified teachers of the Deaf/HH, Educational Interpreters, Paraeducators, and a Speech Language Pathologist.

 The RESA Shared Services program supports students in the following systems: Barrow, Clarke, Commerce City, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Jefferson City, Madison, Morgan Oconee, Oglethorpe, Social Circle City, and Walton. Services are accessed through referrals made by the schools.