Computer Science Endorsement Program

The Computer Science Endorsement consists of the equivalent of four courses and an authentic residency/field experience when combined totals 200 contact hours.  The Computer Science Endorsement program prepares individuals to teach computer science in grades 6-12. The endorsement provides candidates with the opportunity to increase their computer science content and pedagogical knowledge.  The coursework is equivalent to graduate-level college courses.  Successful participants will earn 20 PLU’s at the completion of the coursework and authentic residency.

NEGA RESA Endorsement Programs Application Packet

The authentic residency or field experience/clinical practice is an ongoing component of the computer science endorsement providing candidates with an opportunity to be immersed in observing and teaching students at the 6-12 levels.  Candidates submit a portfolio of artifacts based on the successful completion of their authentic residency requirements.


The Computer Science Endorsement is composed of the following courses:

Course Contact Hours
Course 1: Program Design: Overview of Program Design, Algorithms, Structures, and Logic 50 hours/5 PLU


Course 2: Program Design: Overview of Java Programming 50 hours/5 PLU


Course 3: Networking Basics 50 hours/5 PLU


Course 4: Methods of Teaching ComputerScience 50 hours/5 PLU


The four courses were carefully crafted to meet the ever-changing needs of learners in computer science classrooms.  The content and requirements are differentiated for candidates and their students at various grade levels for computer science instruction in grades 6-12 classrooms.  The endorsement is offered through weekly face to face class meetings.