ESOL Endorsement Program

ESOL Endorsement Application Process

NEGA RESA Endorsement Programs Application Packet

The ESOL Endorsement preparation program is one of the action plans resulting from our conceptual framework process and is part of our core work supported by the RESA staff. There continues to be a need from our schools/systems to offer the ESOL Endorsement Program. While some teacher preparation programs have begun to include required coursework related to English Learners, and a few have embedded the ESOL Endorsement in their programs for all teacher candidates, the majority of today’s active teachers did not receive any training in this area in their certification programs.  However, the population of English Learners has maintained steady growth throughout the NEGA RESA region. As the number of schools in Georgia continues to increase and as many Georgia school districts weigh the possibility of pursuing Investing in Education Excellence (IE2) or Charter District contracts with the State Board of Education, a critical point to consider is some systems/schools will need more teachers to add the ESOL Endorsement to their certificate as innovative ESOL delivery models become more common.

The ESOL Endorsement (PSC rule 505-2-.157) states, “An individual with the ESOL Endorsement is infield to teach English ESOL courses when combined with the English 6-12 certificate, OR with other ESOL courses when combined with any teaching certificate appropriate to the grade level.” Successful completion of the ESOL Endorsement program leads to the ESOL Endorsement from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC).

The ESOL Endorsement consists of the equivalent of three semester-long content courses with embedded field experience for a total of 150 contact hours. The endorsement provides candidates with the opportunity to increase their content and pedagogical knowledge appropriate to teaching English Learners. The coursework is equivalent to graduate-level college courses. Assignments provide assessment evidence that candidates meet program standards. Program evidence must be at the acceptable level to earn the endorsement. Successful participants will earn 15 PLU’s at the completion of the coursework and field experience.

The three courses which comprise the ESOL Endorsement Program are designed to address the Georgia Program Content Standards (Rule 505-3-.70). The standards are as follows:

1. Language as a System

(i) The program shall prepare candidates who demonstrate an understanding of language as a system, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, to support English Language Learners (ELLs) as they acquire English language proficiency and achieve in the content areas.

(ii) The program shall prepare candidates who understand and apply theories and research in language acquisition and development to support ELL English language and literacy learning and content-area achievement.

2. Culture

(i) The program shall prepare candidates who know, understand, and use major theories and research related to the nature and role of culture in their instruction. They demonstrate understanding of how cultural groups and individual cultural identities affect language learning, school achievement, language, literacy development, and content achievement.

3. Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction

(i) The program shall prepare candidates who know, understand and apply concepts, research, action research, and evidence-based practices to plan classroom instruction in a supportive learning environment for ELLs. Candidates will be prepared to plan instruction for multi-level classrooms with learners from diverse backgrounds using standards-based ELL and content curriculum.

(ii) The program shall prepare candidates who know, manage, and implement a variety of standards-based teaching strategies and techniques for developing and integrating English listening, speaking, reading, and writing to communicate for social and instructional purposes. Candidates support ELLs’ access to the core curriculum by teaching language through academic content and real life experiences.

(iii) The program shall prepare candidates who are familiar with a wide range of standards-based content materials, resources, and technologies, and choose, adapt, and use them in effective teaching in the academic areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

4. Assessment

(i) The program shall prepare candidates who demonstrate understanding of various assessment issues as they affect ELLs, such as accountability, bias, special education testing, language proficiency, and accommodation in formal testing situations.

(ii) The program shall prepare candidates who know and can use a variety of standards-based language proficiency instruments to show language growth and to inform their instruction. Candidates demonstrate understanding of their uses for identification, placement, and reclassification of ELLs.

The ESOL Endorsement Program is composed of the following courses:

Course Hours
Applied Linguistics for Teaching ESOL 50
Cultural Issues for Teaching ESOL 50
Methods and Materials  for Teaching ESOL 50

Applied Linguistics for Teaching ESOL

Cultural Issues for Teaching ESOL

Methods and Materials for Teaching ESOL