GaTAPP – Checkpoints

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GaTAPP Program – Checkpoints

The hiring school system finalizes the application process by completing and submitting the Teacher-Candidate Recommendation Form. This recommendation form commits support for the Teacher-Candidate, the Mentor, and the GaTAPP Program.

The Teacher-Candidate, working with the Human Resources Department of the school system, must determine the method of payment for the program, complete the Payment Plan Form and send to Northeast Georgia RESA.

Applicants who do not submit a complete application package are notified of missing components.

Each Teacher-Candidate is officially enrolled in GaTAPP when their data is uploaded into the PSC Non-Traditional Reporting System (NTRS) by Northeast Georgia RESA.

The school system must submit an application packet to the PSC to have an Intern Certificate (IN4T) issued for the Teacher-Candidate and must complete the Employee Assurance Form.

Teacher-Candidates shall complete the mandatory, two-week Essentials of Effective Teaching Course held in July and are required to attend monthly, after-work seminars focusing on the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom.

A Candidate Support Team (CST), comprised of the Teacher-Candidate’s Mentor, the School Administrator, and the RESA Supervisor, is assigned to the Teacher-Candidate.

The CST may include a Content Specialist as well as any other team member deemed necessary.

Assessments of the Teacher-Candidate’s progress as a developing teacher are built into the program and are monitored by all members of the Candidate Support Team.

 The Mentor and RESA Supervisor complete performance evaluations (classroom observations) of the Teacher-Candidate and offer feedback and support.

The Teacher-Candidate’s abilities to create units of instruction and lesson plans are assessed as well as the effects on student learning.

Individual Induction Plans are developed to focus on weaknesses observed in the classroom and dispositions which need to be developed or strengthened.

Each Teacher-Candidate must observe five highly-effective teachers in a school setting which will vary in socio-economic, cultural, and school levels that are different from the Teacher-Candidate’s assigned school.

Professional dispositions are nurtured throughout the program. Dispositions to be demonstrated are reviewed during the Essentials of Effective Teaching Course held in July.

Each member of the Candidate Support Team completes a Teacher Dispositions Rubric at the end of first and second semesters. The responses are used to guide the professional growth of the Teacher-Candidate.

Each Teacher-Candidate’s results on the multiple assessments are evaluated as part of the assessment system. Teacher-Candidates will be provided additional support to successfully complete each assignment.

Each Teacher-Candidate must pass the HB 671 Exceptional Children Course.

Middle Grades and Special Education Teacher-Candidates must also pass the Teaching of Reading and Writing Course.

Each Teacher-Candidate must pass the edTPA Evaluation which is a requirement in the state of Georgia for all initial preparation programs.

The Teacher-Candidate will submit an Electronic Portfolio containing evidence of quality teaching and professionalism to demonstrate the 24 Competencies aligned with Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching.

The Electronic Portfolio will be evaluated by the Candidate Support Team and the Teacher-Candidate must score Proficient on each competency.