Teacher Leader Endorsement

Teacher Leader Endorsement Application Process

NEGA RESA Endorsement Programs Application Packet

Under the advisement of stakeholders, a Teacher Leader Endorsement (TLE) Program was developed that combines the research on effective teaching with current research on effective leadership. Since the programs currently offered by NEGA RESA are already based on effective teaching research, the immediate goal was to identify research-based practices that are correlated to effective leadership.  NEGA RESA looked again to Marzano and his research on school leadership. In his book, School Leadership that Works: From Research to Results, Marzano (2005) presents the results of a meta-analysis of the research on school leadership spanning 35 years. Based on a review of 69 studies involving 2,802 schools and more than 650 building principals, Marzano identified twenty-one responsibilities of a school leader and correlated each of the responsibilities with student achievement.

Other researchers whose work undergirds the NEGA RESA’s Teacher Leader Endorsement program include Carl Glickman (Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed, 2002) and his concept of developmental supervision; Michael Fullan’s research on change (Six Secrets of Change: What the Best Leaders Do to Help Their Organization Survive and Thrive, 2006); Paul Hersey’s research on situational leadership (The Center for Leadership Studies, 1984); Leonard Pellicer (Caring Enough to Lead, 2008) and John Maxwell’s findings on the interpersonal dimensions of leadership (Developing the Leader Within You, 1993); Frances Fuller’s (1969) research on the stages of teacher development; Robert Eaker and Richard Dufour’s findings on building Professional Learning Communities (Getting Started: Reculturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities, 2002); and Thomas Crane’s work on instructional coaching (The Heart of Coaching, 2002).

The Teacher Leader Endorsement Program is aligned to NEGA RESA’s conceptual framework. Teacher Leader Endorsement (TLE) candidates gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of curriculum, assessment, instruction, coaching, and leadership. TLE candidates are then required to demonstrate their ability to apply that knowledge through a variety of results-driven, job-embedded performance activities and experiences. As a result of the knowledge, skills, and competencies developed during the TLE program, candidates are able to support schools to ensure the highest level of learning for all students. Through the Teacher Leader Endorsement Program, NEGA RESA will provide an opportunity for educators to put into practice our guiding principles. The following requirements are embedded in the course series:

  • Facilitate the design and implementation of sustained, intensive, and job-embedded professional learning based on identified student and teacher needs.
  • Work with others to promote the development of a school culture that fosters excellence in teaching and learning and focuses on continuous improvement creating a sense of belonging and building a collaborative work environment.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of curriculum and apply this knowledge to the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to standards.
  • Model best practices and pedagogy and serve as a mentor and coach for other educators.
  • Work with others to design and implement assessment practices and analyze data for monitoring and improving teaching and learning.
  • Access and conduct research, and apply research findings to improve teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with all stakeholders to improve student learning and foster/influence change.

The Teacher Leader Endorsement is composed of the following courses:

Course Hours
A Foundation for Teacher Leadership 50 hours/5 PLU
Working with Teacher to Improve   Instruction 50 hours/5 PLU
Teacher Leadership in Action 50 hours/5 PLU

Course 1: A Foundation for Teacher Leadership

Working with Teachers to Improve Instruction

Teacher Leader in Action