Curriculum Directors Meeting PowerPoints / Handouts

May 26, 2016 Meeting

Rigor Redefined Presentation

August 27, 2015 Meeting

Standards for Mathematical Practice Standards for Mathematical Practice – Parents’ Guide Standards for Mathematical Practices – Student Look-fors Standards for Mathematical Practice – TKES Regional Unit Assessments for elementary math Rigor Redefined in High School Mathematics ELA Support – GOSA Grant

August 28, 2014 Meeting

Science Assessment Update Aug 28, 2014 Common Formative Assessment Training (CFA) Leaders Tips Inter-Rater Reliability Probes Evaluator Pre-Conference Agenda  Georgia Milestones Access to Resources

 October 23, 2014 Meeting

2014 – 2015 TKES Fact Sheets Participants Guide Standard 4 Differentiation Surveys of Instructional Practice Protocol Best Practices and Just in Time for CD Meeting QG – TKES Inter Rater Agreement or Reliability Inter-Rater Reliability Probes QG TAPS Differentiated Instruction 2014 – 2015 LKES Climate Survey Protocol Standard 4 Differentiation Science Social Studies Slides

January 22, 2015 Meeting

Differentiation Familiarization Game