A Local Object Repository (LOR) in Georgia’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is a warehouse of digital resources that is accessible and searchable through the Teacher Resource Link (TRL). The TRL is accessed through one’s Student Information System and then through SLDS. Once in SLDS, one can click on the Resources tab to get to the TRL.

By default, when using the TRL to search for resources, one is accessing digital content vetted and uploaded by the Georgia Department of Education. In addition to this state content, a district’s own LOR may be searched to access local content vetted and uploaded locally. Imagine free cloud-based storage for each district in Georgia that is searchable by subject, grade-level, and standard!

The Northeast Georgia RESA also has an LOR that can be searched using the TRL. This special repository allows districts within the RESA to share local resources just with one another. Currently, the NEGA RESA LOR contains elementary mathematics regional assessments, K-12 ‘Science in 3D’ lessons, middle grades mathematics technology-integrated lessons, and 6-12 social studies document based questions. Locating resources in the NEGA RESA LOR is just one way we are helping our schools get their ‘clicks’ for SLDS.

For more information about your district’s LOR or the NEGA RESA LOR please contact Carrie Siegmund at and/or look at some customized materials located here.

More information about Georgia’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) can be found at the GaDOE website located at: