Regional Assessments

 Elementary Mathematics Regional Assessments

In the summer of 2015 elementary teachers of mathematics from across NortheastGeorgia RESA districts came together to design high-quality unit assessments. What resulted was one unit assessment per grade level in grades 1-5. Participating NEGA RESA districts/schools implemented these assessments and reported school- level data back to the RESA for regional comparison. Once data were collected, the regional assessments were modified to enhance test reliability. For the 2016-17 school year, updated grades 1-5 assessments and answer keys can be found in the SLDS Teacher Resource Link for any NEGA RESA district’s use. And participating NEGA RESA districts/schools are implementing the regional assessments in grades 1 and 2.

For more information about the Elementary Mathematics Regional Assessments, please contact Martie Hutchens, or Carrie Siegmund,

Where are the assessments and answer keys located?

The assessments and answer keys are located in SLDS in the Teacher Resource Link. View the video below to see exactly how to find them.


Do these unit assessments replace teachers’ current assessment(s) or are they “in addition to”?

These assessments were designed to REPLACE teachers’ current assessment(s).

I’m a district person in charge of collecting data for this regional assessment; where can I find the spreadsheets for recording the assessment data?

Click on the links below to access the 2016-17 spreadsheets.

First Grade

Second Grade


How do I complete the spreadsheets?

View the video below to see how to enter data into the spreadsheets.


What spreadsheet needs to be sent to RESA?

Only the ‘Teacher’ spreadsheets for each grade level need to be sent to RESA?

When do the Teacher spreadsheets need to be sent to RESA?

See below.


To whom do I send the Teacher spreadsheets?

Please make sure the files are named with the grade level, part (if applicable), district, and school. Send them via email to